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Genealogy is very popular today and some information about a few families is available.

Think your family may have come from Dingley? Some of the family trees of old Dingley families have been detailed in the volume titled The History of Dingley Village. These names include Retchford, Allen, Wells, Styles, Ramkin, Smith (or Smythe), Rampion and of course the Griffin family of Dingley Hall. Their trees have been drawn from the church registers from the 1500s till the 1800s and any information from the records included with the family trees.


For a paperback or downloadable copy of the book visit:

Photographs also exist for a lot of local families in old school photograps and newspaper articles. Names include: Gilbert, Kerr, Sanderson, Stanford, Baldwin, Winchup, Dawney, Bailey, Fisher, Street, Blewin, Jaycock, Blissett, Farrow, Jeacock, Atkinson, Street, Timson, Piggin, Wright, Gant, Day, Lyle, Read, Silvester, Lord, Brewin, Gray, Macrea, Cavalier, Hunt, Vecary, Flude. Some of the oldest school photos date from around 1890 but have no names available.
These have been gathered together with a lot of other old photographs of the village and the collection can be purchased in paperback from:

The Genealogist - UK census, BMDs and more online